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The Memory Road

A nomadic odyssey at the edge of the Moroccan desert.

From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the gates of the Sahara, an initiatory journey in the footsteps of the Amazighs, these ‘free men’ who have traversed the south of Morocco.

Embrace the rhythm of the nomads. Slow down. Catch your breath.

Such is the promise of this 1,200-kilometer journey to discover the richness of Morocco. Five stops to feel the pulse of Berber culture and meet its dignified representatives.

From the desert aridity to the lushness of oases, from traditional architectures to sophisticated settings, from restored villages to well-preserved heritage wonders (millennium-old grain silos, rock paintings, Africa’s oldest beehive…), this odyssey will open the doors to a territory untouched by the noise of the world.

An exclusively immersive experience for an adventure engraved forever.

One of the last roads to get lost on. In a raw landscape of sand, rock, earth, and ocean, disconnection invites another form of reconnection. To oneself, but above all to others and their environment.

A six to nine-night odyssey for hedonists enamored with discreet luxury and authenticity, of encounters and woven connections. With the most precious privilege: to find oneself alone, as a couple, or in a tribe, facing the infinite beauty of a Morocco preserved from crowds, a guardian of an immutable Berber culture.

With the sensitivity of a director and the precision of a logistician, Thierry Teyssier has envisioned a five-stop itinerary in southern Morocco to awaken the five senses of travelers…

…The view from the hillside terraces of the House of Argan Trees, overlooking a valley of pastures a few kilometers from Agadir…

…The touch of textiles from the cooperative in the village of Tizkmoudine, an ancient abandoned ksar restored by its inhabitants half a century ago…

…The taste of local products enjoyed amidst terrace gardens at the Red House…

…The scent of amber at the Acacia Camp, a nomadic mirage not far from the Algerian border where one indulges in the life of an adventurer, at the edge of the great Saharan ergs…

…The melodies of musicians inspired by Mauritanian Sufi chants, a legacy of spice caravans, in the heart of the palm grove of Tighmert and the Oasis House.

Our values

The Memory Road has joined the movement initiated by 700,000 Impact Hours to develop regenerative hospitality worldwide.

Regenerative hospitality embodies the necessary shift from an irrational consumption model to a virtuous circle of learning and sharing, in which travelers have a positive impact on the places they have visited.

By participating in our Memory Road, you will encounter communities guarding heritage and contribute to creating value locally.


The Memory Road is accessible from mid-September to early May, departing from Marrakech or Agadir for exclusive groups of 2 to 6 people.

The itinerary is organized according to your preferences, for a minimum duration of 6 nights.

Out of respect for the communities in the villages traversed, the number of travelers is intentionally limited each year.

Only the first 50 reservations are accepted.

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