Our Values

700’000 heures Impact, a pioneer in regenerative hospitality

Regenerative hospitality is a radically different way of considering travel, moving away from simple destination consumption.

It aims to fully realize the potential of places that are part of often overlooked cultural and natural heritages.

It allows for the creation of prosperity and well-being in communities, the preservation of memory, the restoration of nature, and offers travelers an opportunity for authentic encounters with local populations.

Regenerative hospitality stems from an intention, a purpose that is to contribute to the regeneration of local communities and ecosystems, using hospitality to catalyze projects while establishing the conditions for their autonomy.

It also contributes to evolving consciousness in a different relationship with others.

Projects, co-created with communities, are based on four major pillars:

  • Local economic development,
  • Empowerment of women,
  • Protection of endangered cultural heritage,
  • Restoration of fragile natural ecosystems.
Regarding the hospitality aspect, at the core of the system, it must also meet various criteria aligned with regenerative principles :
  • Do not exceed 5 rooms per village to limit the impact
  • Renovate existing locations rather than building new ones and not own the assets
  • Rely on local food resources and agricultural techniques to valorize the culinary heritage of the region,
  • Limit the number of reservations per year to control the overall footprint of the project.

We believe that regenerative hospitality must break down silos and involve everyone seeking to improve the well-being of humanity and the future of the planet: local communities, governments, climate activists, NGOs, development institutions, philanthropists, and travelers.