The Memory Road is experienced in total exclusivity, whether with family, as a couple, or surrounded by a few friends. You will be alone in the world throughout your journey, accompanied only by your dedicated butler.

Before making any reservations, do not hesitate to contact our team for a phone exchange. We are here to enlighten you and answer all your questions.

Once your stay is confirmed, our master of the road will contact you to settle the final details before embarking. However, he is also here to enlighten you and answer your questions before any reservation. Feel free to request a phone exchange with our team.

Throughout the itinerary, you have no choice. You decide everything: no imposed schedules, lunches where you desire, no obligatory activities. No check-in, no mini-bar, no limits. We will hardly ever say no to you.

Want to extend your journey?

Some houses on the route — Arganiers, Oasis, Tamri — remain open all year.

You can also conclude your stay by settling your bags at Dar Ahlam, our traditional casbah in the palm grove of Skoura, near Ouarzazate. A dream house in a garden of delights

In terms of rates, count 1000 euros per night per person in a double room (1600 euros in a single room). This price includes transfers from the airport, a air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle with a driver for two people, all activities and excursions organized along the route, as well as full board and drinks (soft drinks, wines, and spirits).

To experience our Memory Road and be part of our 50 exclusive reservations per year, you must become a member of the Cercle des Amazirs by making a donation to our non-profit association, Daem. This donation will contribute to financing regenerative projects around the place you will discover.